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Welcome to Research in Ministry® (RIM®), a free thesis and dissertation abstract database where users can search for and share the outcomes of research conducted in graduate programs of study related to ministry, theology and religion.

Anyone who wants to search for and learn about current and historical graduate research in ministry, theology and religion is welcome to search RIM. Further, anyone who has received or any institution that grants degrees in graduate programs of study related to ministry, theology and religion may share the abstracts of their theses, dissertations, or other terminal projects with RIM. Atla membership is not required for participation in RIM.

The RIM database contains over 14,000 records compiled since its time as a paper index.

For authors, librarians, department chairs and other institutional staff who wish to include new abstracts in RIM, you must first create an account by clicking Login at the top of the page. Once you log in, you will see the link to SHARE in the menu at the top of the page, as well as a link to Your Account where you can view the records you have submitted and manage your account and password.

When you click Share, you will be brought to a New Record form. Complete all fields accurately and completely, including assignment of Subject Keywords. Once the form is complete, click the SAVE RECORD button at the bottom of the page. You must complete a new form for each abstract you wish to share with users of RIM.

Once the form is completed and saved, the abstract and accompanying details will automatically be added to the RIM database and will immediately be viewable and searchable by RIM users.

In the event an error is made when entering a new record, an individual user may return to that record to edit, but not delete, it. To edit a record that you have entered, you must first login to RIM and then navigate to the record that needs to be edited. Once you are logged in, an “Edit” tab will appear on the record provided you created that record with your unique login. Legacy records (records created before December 15, 2018) imported from the old RIM database cannot be edited or updated at this time. Please contact us to report major discrepancies and we will compile and address as necessary.

By completing the new record form and sharing their work in RIM, users grant permission to the American Theological Library Association (Atla) to display the abstract and accompanying details about their works. Further, users attest that they have not entered into any other agreements or licenses which would preclude or prevent them from sharing the details and abstracts of their works with Atla in this publicly and openly viewable and searchable database.

Atla is not responsible for the accuracy or validity of submissions made to RIM. Atla reserves the right to remove or edit any submission to RIM. Users who submit to or make use of RIM in any way that is false, misleading, libelous, or otherwise in contradiction to law or to the purpose of RIM may be removed or blocked from access.

If you have any questions about RIM, please contact us.